ISIS: A crystal with a five-sided face.  Mother of Creation awakens your feminine side.  For women the Isis crystal is special in that it can help restore power and energy lost through society's influence.  Useful when working with Goddess energy.  Beneficial for both men and women, as it promotes balancing dualities.  Helps cope with grief or loss or the empathic influence of the emotions of others.

WINDOW:  Has a diamond or rectangular face in the center front of its faces. when you are ready to see your true self, it will help open the "window to your soul" . Used for clarity and direction.

TWIN:  This crystal has 2 points growing together. it encourages building relationships on all levels with the soul-mate(s) during this lifetime. Symbolizes many ""spiritual soul mates". Creates balance. It is the gateway for the promotion of universal love through group consciousness.

BRIDGE/PENETRATOR/INNER CHILD: This crystal formation is recognized by a small crystal penetrating or growing into a larger crystal. this crystals serves a "bridge" between inner worlds and outer worlds. very beneficial in healing childhood issues blocking growth. promotes communication between teacher and student.

THE CRONE STONE: There are three main crystals that represent the three aspects of the Divine Feminine. Open yourself to their presence within you, make them a part of your life, and call upon their energy!
Maiden (smallest crystal): youthfulness, joy, exuberance, optimism.
Mother (medium crystal): nurturing, comfort, abundance, creativity.
Crone (largest crystal): wisdom, experience, power, guidance.
There may be other very small crystals growing on the Crone Stone. These represent extended family.

MOTHER EARTH'S NURTURING CRYSTALS: Looking at the quartz crystal you can see what appears to be a cave or an opening somewhere on the crystal. If you feel your inner child has awakened and if you are lonely, depressed, or in need of nurturing: visualize yourself walking into or being drawn into this cave (The Womb of Mother Earth). You will see a special place to sit or lie down. Gently close your eyes and begin to feel Mother holding, comforting, and protecting you from any and all happenings in the outside world. Tell her how you feel. As She holds you close to Her heart you can feel yourself being healed by her unconditional Love. She will protect and hold you till you feel safe to leave the cave. Walking out you feel rejuvenated, healed and your power restored. Upon leaving, you thank Her for the love and healing She has given you. You may return anytime to Her cave. She is always there for you. To thank Her, you may want to visualize leaving an offering (a little tobacco, a lock of hair), or just say "thank you". Whatever you create stays with you and Mother. Know you are truly Blessed and She will always be with you.