Learn the basics of how crystals are formed, mined, cleaned, cleared and programmed.  The focus is on learning healing songs to empower you in your own healing journey.  Whether you use your crystals for healing or their natural splendor, they will grace your presence with love and beauty.  Individual or group gatherings available.  Each participant will choose their own crystal to take home.  To schedule a crystal workshop contact Sage.

Crystal Parties

Enjoy an evening at home with friends and the crystal gifts from Mother Earth.   Sage will share a brief 15 minute video about the mining process and how your crystals come to you.  Then you and your friends can connect with the crystals and choose which will go home with you.  As a thank you for hosting, and inviting your friends, you will receive gratitude crystals from Mother Earth.

Crystal Healings

Crystals work as tools or instruments for healing.  Because of their unique transmitting qualities, quartz crystals are used in making clocks, computers, and many other electronics.  I believe with the help of Creator, crystals transform "blocked energy", disease and pain in our bodies that hold us back from becoming who we truly are - "Beings of Light."  The blocked energy passes through the crystal and back into the Earth where it is turned into positive energy and will also help heal Mother Earth.

Purchase Crystals
Visit with Sage to view and select the crystals that are uniquely drawn to you for personal or healing use or as gifts.

Reiki for People & Animals
In person or distant healing sessions for yourself, family members, friends, or a
beloved animal friend.